Hermeneutik: the old fullfilled in the new

F.F. Bruce: The Time is Fulfilled

bruce-time-is-fulfilledMoore Theological College provides video and audio of Professor F.F. Bruce’s inaugural Annual Moore College Lectures from 1977. His topic was the use of the Old Testament in the New, and the title of his lectures was “Promised Beforehand by the Prophets”, published as The Time is Fulfilled (Eerdmans, 1978), the title of the first lecture.

  • https://biblicalstudiesonline.wordpress.com/tag/promised-beforehand-by-the-prophets/
  • http://theoblog.de/f-f-bruce-the-time-is-fulfilled/26700/

Wenn auch in schlechter Aufnahmequalität, so doch ein interessanter Beitrag zu der zentralen hermeneutischen Frage!

Danke an Ron Kubsch und Rob Bradshaw für die Info in FB!