Ravi Zacharias in Irak



Standing in the ruins of a church recently destroyed by ISIS terrorists in Qaraqosh, Ravi Zacharias shares an update from his August 2017 trip to Iraq and offers a glimmer of hope for these difficult days.

During this trip, Ravi joined Samaritan’s Purse as they continue to give aid to children and families harmed by terrorist attacks and war.

“Good still returns and the message of the Cross is still the only hope of grace, peace, mercy, and salvation,” Ravi says. “And no matter how often they try to bury our Lord, he rises up to outlive his pall-bearers. So we will continue to preach that message; through the pain and through the darkness shine the light of Christ. Somehow, the grain still blossoms once again and the light is shining in the darkness.”

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