Downlad von dem sehr empfehlenswerten Kommentar zur Entstehung des Christentums:

  • David Gooding “According to Luke”: ein außergewöhnlicher Kommentar zum 3. Evangelium des NT
  • David Gooding “Das Evangelium nach Lukas – Botschaft, Aufbau und Ziel”: der o.g. Kommentar in deutscher Sprache bringt sämtliche Kommentare von Prof. Gooding auch zum kostenlosen download!

David W Gooding, MA, PhD, professor emeritus of Old Testament Greek at Queen’s University Belfast, is a member of the Royal Irish Academy. Professor Gooding travels extensively, giving lectures and, besides academic works, is the author of expository books on Luke, John 13-17, Acts and Hebrews.

In this fresh and original approach to the Gospel according to Luke, Dr Gooding uses a careful analysis of the Gospel’s literary structure to bring out Luke’s unique presentation of the person and work of Christ. Luke presents his story in two parts – the coming of the Son of God from glory, and His return to glory.  Within these two main sections of the Gospel are many interconnected themes which, while they show Luke’s skill as a literary artist, in no way lessen the historical value of the sources he uses.